Is anybody alive in here? Is anybody at all in here? Nobody but us in here

Hello! Yes I know, it's me that's been missing in action, but I've got a Police earworm going round my brain so I thought I'd share it with you.

So how ARE you all, lovely runners? I've been a bit busy with writing stuff, but I finally seem to have found some running mojo (I seem to have left it somewhere in the middle of Boston marathon training in Bushy Park, becuase that's where it was waiting me).  I've also won three bottles of booze in a week from races (see above) just going to show what a healthy and productive habit running is. At this rate, I'll be self-sustaining in Aperol Spritzes through the summer - though I do need to find some races that offer oranges for the full garnish.

But over to you, please can you all regale me with full up to date fitness/race/PB hunting reports. I'm currently finishing something that has 46346 footnotes and it's given me hideous flashbacks to writing my university postgrad dissertation. So if you don't all get chatty below the line, I'll actually go and find that dissertation and make you read it. And that's no idle threat, let me tell you. I'm not even convinced my tutor read it. I wouldn't, if I'd been him.


  1. I've had a bit of a lay-off from running. An achilles issue needed to be addressed so there has been no races, little club running, just Parkrun and visits to a physio plus standing on stairs doing little bounces on one foot. Seems to have worked and I can now run again. Still hopeful that I'll do the Loch Ness Marathon so it's more about time on feet rather than pace now...which is rather fortuitous

  2. Kate - this is the race you need. Oranges handed out from a car shaped like an orange!

  3. Hello, hello, hello, to keep up the police theme. It's been a while but the running hasn't stopped. Colshaw Hall 10k yesterday which I ran with "Anglesey Neil". A PB for him in 1'02'40" and a very satisfactory 46'01" for me - 3 seconds quicker than last year on the same course. My very last race as a V45. I've also joined a running club, albeit the virtual one that is Lonely Goat. They seem a friendly herd and I was happy to see a couple of fellow goats in their club t shirts at Colshaw. Mrs GJ continues her progress and is now sub 28 minutes for 5k. This all sounds like a Christmas round robin so I better crack on with the stuff that happens between runs. Happy running, everyone. GJ.

  4. Hello! A couple of muggy weeks, huh?

    Ran a 10k in Victoria Park a couple of weeks ago. Haven’t raced this distance more than once before and it is SO HARD! Watch didn’t give me accurate pace under the trees and I ended up a little slower than I wanted in 37:16, but I guess it’s still a PB!

    Now concentrating on the big training block before autumn races. Always find it hard to get the longer runs done in the heat. Need to reclaim some mojo (and get better at carrying water). Bring on the snow and rain...

    1. 37:16 is seriously quick for a first 10km, nice one!

  5. Why do footnotes make me think of Bibtex?

    Running update: I've carried on running in the Surrey Road League, ran a good time at the Dorking 10 but screwed up the last mile. One bigger week of training after, then a couple of PBs - at Battersea Park, a 5k between heavy rain showers, then a few days later a major revision to my 10k PB - dropping 39s to 34:18 at the Ranelagh 10k. Last week I felt very broken after the 10k and didn't do any speed work at all - all of a sudden my hips felt middle-aged. Saturday morning I did a parkrun sandwich at Nonsuch and first finisher, but only after catching the Running Channel's short shorts video - reckon that cost me a sub-17 as I wore 5-inch shorts for the sake of decency :-D

    This week I'm putting on track spikes for a couple of races - 3000m at Wimbledon on Wednesday, then 5000m at Finsbury Park on Friday. It's only 5 miles in total, how hard can that be?!

    Running club highlight - for some time our coach had been planning one track session where we'd attempt to run 200 miles in under 45 minutes. Thankfully we had a huge turnout and we managed to get it done in about 32/33 minutes.

    1. Oh what time is your 3k heat David?? I’m not racing (I don’t know if they changed it but when I looked the QT was the same for men and women and I think sub 10 which pissed me right off!) but I might bring girls along for a bit of cheer squad action!

    2. The provisional start list has me in heat 3 at 1915. Hopefully see/hear you there - support always gratefully received!

  6. I did s half marathon in Freckleton last Sunday. I was under trained.. it was hotter than normal and a bit undulating. All my worst things. But I had a lovely day even if not even close to getting a PB.
    Now I need a new race somewhere
    Just to keep me ticking over.

  7. Woohoo, more people to share my weekend with! Welcome back Kate.

    I ran 54.5 miles and loved every second. Race to the king on the South Downs way from arundel to Winchester.

    My first ultra and didn’t know what to expect but curious about how bad it could be (like when you’re pregnant for the first time but haven’t experienced labour!) I ran it with three friends with the aim of having a great day out eating, drinking, chatting and running. And that’s just about what happened. Half way through I relied on huge spoonfuls of salt with flat coke which seemed to work wonders.

    It never felt too hard (like the end of a road marathon) and never did we think we wouldn’t finish. The scenery/weather/atmosphere/ sense of community were all incredible.

    Not quite able to walk unaided up stairs yet but nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be.

    On cloud nine. Sign up for an ultra everyone!!!

    1. Well done, that's great.

      I did this as well but over the weekend, and loved it. I walked with friends on day 1, had many beers at the overnight camp, then ran solo most of day 2 (had to walk the first 8 miles because of aforementioned beers the night before).
      Really well organised, great support.
      I'm ok going up stairs, but coming down is much harder, keep thinking my quad are going to give way.
      Definitely doing another ultra!

  8. I did the Highland Cross. 20 miles very off road running, then 30miles road biking. An iconic event (in N Scotland anyway!) and well worth the seeping, lack in skin knee from a fall 6 miles into the run. I think I came 15th (woman) which isnae bad given I was a late sub!

  9. Still here, but not the best year for running so far - patella tendonitis has kept me to mostly run/walking, so haven't dipped under 30 minutes for 5K yet this year. There were brief signs of hope with the Mid Sussex Marathon weekend (East Grinstead 10 Mile Saturday, Haywards Heath 10 Mile Sunday, Burgess Hill 10K Monday) at the start of May, but since then it's been back to just a parkrun a week, although 'just a parkrun' has included touristing to the Eden Project in Cornwall, Malmö Ribersborg, Fælledparken in Copenhagen and Littlehampton Prom on the south coast. It's swimming season now, so I'm keeping busy with swims with a view to building up running again in the autumn.

  10. Last weekend - inaugural local 10k race, officially classified as 'very hilly'. Had an extremely annoying stitch most of the way, but my hill training paid off and I came home pretty much on my target time. There was a challenge in the run-up to the event, to run a route up our local notable hill and back, log your time on Strava and potential to win prizes. I won my age category and am now the proud owner - for a short time - of a very nice voucher for local outdoor/running shop.

    This weekend - a big gathering of the OH's family in Ireland. Oh dear. Eating and drinking in excess. I ran every day though - in three different counties in three days - so perhaps mitigated at least some of the excesses? And had my first fall - tripped over a tree root in Dublin's Phoenix Park on Sunday morning and went flying. Skinned and bruised knees, but myfavourite leggings seem none the worse. Now home and detoxing.

    1. Skinned knees clearly in fashion! Well done on your win. Heard a few reports from the 10k that the hills were pretty brutal, but sounds like you were well prepared.

  11. Not much running over the weekend, think I managed a grand total of 3 miles. In the middle of recovering the Lisburn Half Marathon last Wednesday.

    I had got a personal best there of 01:34:29 and had decided this year it might be worth having a go at going below 01:30. I trained pretty heard, really got into doing hill sprints and intervals for the first time but the build up wasn't great, got an injury at a crucial time and basically had to manage it the rest of the training cycle.

    The day itself was pretty showery and cold but by the time of the race it was dry and actually pretty decent running conditions. Wasn't too confident at the start but decided to give it a go and it went pretty much as I expected.

    Went off with the pacers, got to halfway with a minute it hand and was feeling pretty good. The next miles went okay but noticed at 9 miles in, I was beginning to slow. Dropped down to about 7:10 miles, tried to speed up in the tenth mile but just managed to hold the pace and then blew up spectacularly in the eleventh mile and put in a 8:36. Obviously at this point, sub 1 hr 30 was out the window but just wanted to get a new PB so struggled on as best as I could.

    The next two miles were horrible but managed to get across the line in 1:33:10. Loads of reasons for not hitting the target- disrupted training, niggly injuries but the main one is probably just I find running 6:50 miles for 13 miles pretty hard.

  12. Oh good, you're back. I'd almost given up.
    Well it was my birthday last week so I went to Madeira for no particular reason other than I hadn't been. Ice cream in excess; some nice flowers and the most Divine pink gin. It was really special, aromatic, very pink and it got me very drunk very fast. Oh and I did a bit of running. A fivesie before dinner and ice cream and a really lovely run in the dark, late one evening, which left me so hyper I couldn't sleep for ages.


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