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Is anybody alive in here? Is anybody at all in here? Nobody but us in here

Hello! Yes I know, it's me that's been missing in action, but I've got a Police earworm going round my brain so I thought I'd share it with you. So how ARE you all, lovely runners? I've been a bit busy with writing stuff, but I finally seem to have found some running mojo (I seem to have left it somewhere in the middle of Boston marathon training in Bushy Park, becuase that's where it was waiting me).  I've also won three bottles of booze in a week from races (see above) just going to show what a healthy and productive habit running is. At this rate, I'll be self-sustaining in Aperol Spritzes through the summer - though I do need to find some races that offer oranges for the full garnish. But over to you, please can you all regale me with full up to date fitness/race/PB hunting reports. I'm currently finishing something that has 46346 footnotes and it's given me hideous flashbacks to writing my university postgrad dissertation. So if you