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A long weekend spent Running Up for Air

Yes, I know, it's Tuesday but the Monday Debrief has Bank Holidays off. It had stuff to do, like trying to remember how to run after a whole week off, and weeding the garden, and being thrashed at Mario Kart by a seven year old yet again. Busy, see.

Anyway, my weekend was mostly spent in beautiful Chamonix, taking part in Patagonia's Running Up for Air event. This race started in Utah, where Salt Lake City is one of the most polluted cities in the US. Jared Campbell - who fans of ultra-masochism event the Barkley Marathons might recognise - started it up, working with local NGOs who are trying to improve the air quality. Now coming to Europe and Chamonix for the first time, I am relieved to report than unlike the Barkley marathons, it does involve escaping from a former prison and being mauled by fauna and generally having a miserable time in the name of sport. No, this event comprises 3, 6 and 12 hour options where the aim is to complete as many loops as possible. Fees go to …